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Linq gives power of information to businesses

Linq is the smartest and the most efficient way for offline businesses to share information about themselves.
Linq is a single, unified and updated digital identity for businesses – small, medium or large.

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Availability of information has helped mankind to evolve and transform. This information should be freely available to all. Using MyLinq App, businesses can create their digital identity and share their information with others. Be it a large chain, small shop, chaiwala or phoolwala, everyone can create their own Linq within seconds and share it with others.
The result - Millions of customers can find and connect with businesses using Linq.

  • Create your own personalised Linq within seconds.
  • Currently, Linq is by 'invitation only'. Call us at +91 78368 11111 to know more.
  • With all your business information including contact, location, payments and social media at one place - this will be the only Linq you will need to share with people.
Get all your business information at one place with Linq

All your business information in one place.

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